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  • Waste material recycling pulverizer online
    Waste material recycling pulverizer online
    The product details
    This model should be market demand and the cup machine、Automatic vacuum molding machine die cutting
    After netting on online synchronous crushing→Conveyor→The loading a complete set of automatic
    The scheme,Equipments in fully enclosed mute state...
  • Online mute grinder
    Online mute grinder
    The product details
    This model rotary tool for three rows,The fixed knife for four rows,Designed for seven rows knife。
    Crushing efficiency is twice as tall as ordinary knife five rows。The crushing chamber、Bearing cover for double
    Layer is cooled。Can cooperate with spiral feeder...
  • High speed cutting machine
    High speed cutting machine
    The product details
    This model fit PVCThe calender、PETExtrusion production line sheet,
    Synchronization of fixed-length cutting equipment。Using imported servo motor fixed length,PL
    CControl,Vector frequency conversion,The electronic brake...
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